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The Folklore Magazine is here to provide the modern day reader with all the day to day events and activities going around them with just one click! Folklore acts as a melting pot aiming to connect the world of fashion, lifestyle, and food along with a brighter reflection and positive side of Pakistan.

Folklore is a power bank loaded with all the latest news update regarding fashion, food and lifestyle with the much added spice of glamour, gossip, meet and greet interviews, entertainment, passion and creativity. As its name reflects, folklore is fully stuffed with the biggest and latest stories in town, best photographs and exclusive chit chat with renowned and hottest stars from the world of showbiz and entertainment industry. It brings you the truth and the inside scoop about our celebrities. Whether it's movies, music, and television or celebrity weddings and babies, fashion trends, break-ups or make-ups, if you want to get nearer to the stars, you have tuned into the right place!

Food to Pakistanis is what a pen is to a writer or a credit card is to a shopaholic. Therefore, we consider food as a vital part of a pure Pakistani lifestyle. Pakistanis are known to devour their food and most of them could kill for a lot less than a good chop masala! This magazine will not only reveal the beauty and fitness secrets to you, but we can bet that the’ real foodie’ will not get disappointed too.

Folklore believes in proving itself as a platform to promote a positive Pakistan; be it in the field of fashion, tourism, sports or entertainment industry.

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